Today someone shared a link to this gorgeous Peppermint Wreath.


Isn’t it beautiful??! I love it! And if I had more time . . . . and $9.00 to spare . . . one of these would grace my home too. I’m partial to peppermint colors, taste, AND smell! When I was young, we almost never got candy, but my Dad would keep a few peppermints like this in his pocket to sooth his throat if needed due to speaking . . . and sometimes he’d slip us one and wow, was it a huge treat!

Anyway, check out the “how” here:

I did get to have the fun though of working with peppermint in a slightly different form this week–a candy cane flower vase!

I saw the idea in a magazine somewhere back in the fall and immediately thought, “That would be SO fun to make for Charity’s violin group teacher!” My next thought was, “Yeah, but finding that square vase they used would be expensive, I’m sure!” So I kind of put the idea mostly out of my mind, but God is so good to care about little details in my life so often . . . because not more than just a few weeks after that, what did I spy on the shelfl at the thrift store?! The same kind of vase–for 99 cents! I snagged it, and home it came with us inspite of the tiny chip on the edge of the vase. I didn’t know how I’d deal with it, but I was sure that finding the square vase (when I’d never, ever seen anything like that at thrift stores before!) just a few weeks after I saw that idea was a good sign that maybe I was meant to do something with it.

After some thought, I came up with the idea for the fix. Ribbon. Charity I raided our stash and found a white edged with little red “stitches” that was wide enough to fold in half over the edge. We had to experiment a bit with glue before we hit on what worked best–Tacky Glue seemed to be the best option.


Charity added clothes pins to help keep everything in place thoroughly over night while it dried,.


Unfortunately, even though the article acted like finding straight peppermint sticks in the right size and length was not that big of a deal, it proved to be a huge challenge in our town–and one that ultimately we had to conclude defeat on. But, I was sure I wanted to do this project, and having envisioned it, I had a hard time letting go. So. . . regular boxes of candy canes to the rescue! And Dh got roped into the project with his hammer and chisel! He worked hard to shorten the canes for us!

Yes, we used all of those canes! It took just over 3 boxes.


Here is the project as it progressed along.


Due to Paul having to chisel the canes to the correct length, they got a trifle raggedy . . . some were a little longer than others, but overall, it still turned out pretty nice for a first attempt, I think.

Chariity and I concluded that hot gluing the sticks was the best option. We tired Tacky Gluing one but that wasn’t a plan, and we ended up pulling it off and changing it to hot glue, due to the Tacky Glue making the stick colors start to ooze and run.


We let the canes sit overnight   . . .but before we went to bed, we jsut HAD to hold up the flowers to get an idea of how they might look once Charity arranged them.


We decided that it looked as lovely as we’d hoped for!

The next morning, Charity tackled the arranging. She put a chunk of florists’ foam in the bottom of the vase, and then did her thing. She pointed out that she really should have had a few more flowers, but hey . . . we were needing to do this on a budget, and I’m proud of her for doing so well with what she had available to her.


Technically, we should have sprayed the canes with a clear sealant before gifting the arrangement, but we did not have any sealer on hand, and decided not to make a special trip to town to spend the money.


That means that we had to be VERY careful to keep the arrangement dry when we put water in, and when transporting it. I had to smile when Charity’s group teacher’s sons met us at the door later in the day when we went for violin. “That makes me want to lick it!” proclaimed one of them. Charity’s teacher said it was “fun”. We thought so too–we had fun doing it, even with the challenges we faced. I don’t know if we’ll ever do another one, but if we find another vase at the thrift store . . . it just might call our names loudly for another Peppermint Vase.