I blogged about Charity’s faux wrap skirt here when she made the first one. She has enjoyed that skirt, and worn it extensively, especially when it ended up being one of the few items she had packed to take along to Baltimore back in March when we thought we were going to be there for 5 or 6 days–“a week max, probably” we were told. It turned out we were there for over 3 weeks, so the few items we had taken to wear were worn and worn many, many times. Good thing she liked the skirt, right?

This summer Charity decided to tweak her pattern a bit more, and make another skirt. She started with two coordinating fabrics from JoAnne’s–using the heavier weight twill for the main body of the skirt, and the lighter weight fabric as the sash.

The rick-rack trims are from a bag of vintage trims we found at the thrift store once–the smaller (cotton!) rick-rack was not enough to complete the skirt, so Charity “changed course” and decided to throw a few fabric and ribbon flowers on the front panel, and add the wider rick-rack (in the same color)  to give it a “picket fence” effect.

 I think the effect is charming, personally. It certainly is unique, and that meets Charity’s satisfaction–she likes to wear clothing that is uniquely “hers”.

The “sash loop” that Charity put on the back of the skirt, holds her sash in place and was one of her new tweakings.

Charity also made an origami flower to wear with her skirt.

If Charity creates her own panel pattern for the skirt, she will have designed her own pattern, and could probably market it were anyone interested.

Love my big girl! She’s growing up on me . . .