Simple things making me happy tonight . . .

 . . . after doing without a VCR/DVD player since the storms that hit here right befoe July 4th, Dh finally managed to get a working VCR/DVD for us after a lot of tinkering with some seond hand stuff . . . YAY and finally Katya can watch the music videos she loves do dearly again!

 . .  . He also got the fish tank pump working again! Double YAY!!!

 . . . And he ordered a new cord for Kristina’s little netbook that she uses for her school work, because it wouldn’t charge at all any more due to the connection on the cord being worn out . . .

 . . . Now, if he could just get t his cranky keyboard working better again so I don’t have to keep going bck over and over my posts correcting what it’s messing up or else looking like an idiot . . . (I joke not–the keybord is missing letters like crazy even when I type them .. . )

Katya is back in school and doing well overall, from what we hear so far. We are slowly catching up on many things that had badly back-logged around here, are getting schooling done, and are starting to feel less over-whelmed. Being abl to relax for the 6 hours a day that she is gone at school and function more normally is helping all of us. We love Katya dearly, but parenting her right now is a full-time job almost! So the daily break helps a ton.