Seven years ago, Kristina arrived HOME with us. I blogged about it last year, complete with photos.

I’ll share a recent photo of Kristina with you.


She’s growing up on us! In so many ways, She may not be growing that much in stature due to her TS, but she is growing in wisdom, and in favor with God and man. It’s hard to believe that Kristina will be being baptized soon, and even harder to believe that she will be 13 on her next birthday!

I’m so grateful that she is with us. Little did I dream that September day when I sat down to check my emails that God was going to drop a daughter from Russia into my lap. But as I read about her urgent need for a family, and saw the grainy picture that was ripped from a video, it was as if an audible voice said to me, “That’s my daughter!” My heart began to pound, I broke out in sweat, and I KNEW. Around a year later, Kristina was in our home, enjoying pizza for the first time. (We didn’t know that she had dairy allergies at that point.) Now she has been home 7 whole entire years.