Today after taking the homeschooled kiddos to the library, we stopped at the school on the way home and waited about 20 minutes until Katya was dismissed, and then went home. I dropped the 4 youngest off, and then went back into town to pick up Todd from college. We then went and did the grocery shopping. We were out of many things, especially things Todd needs for his dairy free, wheat free, sugar free life-style.

After a stop at the health food store, the farm stand, and then Kroger’s, I hit up our local Big Lots.

Was I ever glad I did! What a score!


Six whole cartons of organic Rice Dream original enriched (the kind we prefer to buy) for $6.00 dollars! Yup. You read that right! I was so excited as we were out of Rice Dream and I was keeping my eyes open hoping for a bargain, but I sure had not expected to find that GOOD of a bargain! Now we are in business for a few more weeks on that part of the food supplies. Now if I could just find good goat’s cheese at a price like that . . .