. . . is moving along in her violin path.

She was asked to start teaching a few beginning students this summer. She was reluctant to agree, but with encouragement from her teacher and former teacher, she did agree to take on a few students. She taught her first lesson this past Wednesday to a little 6 year old boy. She reports it went fairly well.

Charity¬†also was asked this week to consider playing in a violin duet for a wedding. The bride wants to listen to her play before it’s final, but she is very hopeful about this as it’s a paying gig and would give her a nice chunk of cash to put towards her violin expenses, if she is accepted. I’m very hopeful for her . . .

I’m so glad to see that the investment of time, energy, money and hours and hours of time that Charity and our family have put into her violin lessons is starting to pay off for her.

(Photo credit to Amy W.)